MSP163 – Rugged Mini Switch

The MSP163 offers Gigabit Switching in the palm of your hand. It can withstand extreme temperatures, and is fully dust and waterproof. The small size and low weight enables it to be soldier-worn, placed in a backpack or strapped to a drone.


• 4 port Gigabit switch
• Extremely low power, size and weight
• Rugged ODU connectors

Military-relevant rugged design

MilDef products are designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions and challenging electromagnetic operational scenarios. Operationally proven, MilDef products are actively employed in military operations in over 60 countries.

Guaranteed performance

MilDef products are designed for the long lifecycles of military programs and come with a lifetime support program to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to  come. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for an additional 5 years after product end-of-life.


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