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Why MilDef

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At MilDef we are proud to actively protect the fabrics of societies and sustainable democracies.

We nurture an environment where our colleagues can grow, develop, and reach their potentials. Together we contribute to an inspiring and stimulating workplace where all can thrive. No matter where you work or what you do.

MilDef Work Place

Our way
of working

As a team we have no prestige, we collaborate passionately, we are dedicated and committed to our joint contribution to a safer world. Career paths are created within MilDef to give staff good opportunities to development, with opportunities to move both between departments and the different activities of the company. There are many examples of promotions of staff and voluntary transfers between departments and even between countries.

“The projects are challenging, evolving, and stimulating. One day I am out in the field measuring an area and its attachment points, the next day I am sitting in the office working on designing installations. For my ideal workplace, the quality of my colleague relations is hugely important. Without my colleagues at MilDef, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my projects nearly as much as I do today.”

Felicia Ahlstrand, MilDef
Felicia Ahlstrand
Systems Engineer, Stockholm

“I really enjoy what I do, simply because I feel it has a purpose and a greater meaning. Being able to help build a stronger society with a strong defence is a real motivator for for me.”

Christoffer Hodell, MilDef
Christoffer Hodell
Integration Specialist, Rosersberg, Sweden

Our values –
the MilDef way

As a company MilDef thrive by offering opportunities to our people. We believe in freedom under responsibility and our values are guiding lights in our everyday work life.


We say what we do and we do what we say


Work together as one


Plan for the future; act today


Put 80% of the effort on the 20% that matter the most

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