19”/2® (small form factor)

Rugged military 19”/2 rack mount IT equipment

The MilDef rugged 19”/2® design addresses the modern requirements for small, high performance IT infrastructure components that can be tuned to our customers’ particular needs. The modular design and broad product range enables the user to use the different 19”/2® units as building blocks to design optimal system for every use case.

Endless configuration possibilities

The ability to readily combine communication units of the 19” form factor with units of MilDef’s 19”/2® form factor gives the practical benefits of integrated solutions and endless configuration possibilities to quickly build the communication system you want.

Sustainable form factor

A key consideration taken into account when designing our 19”/2® form factor was to make it sustainable. This satisfies the demand of defence equipment purchasers for the long-term stable supply of particular types of equipment. Such sustainability also matches the long lifecycles of most military vehicles and aircraft, and the need to continually update systems. Moreover, we assure you of lifetime support for all MilDef equipment.

Customized units or special electronics

Our rugged military 19”/2 rack mount IT equipment units are supplied as Military Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) products, but MilDef can complement these with our hardware according to customer specifications. In addition, if there are no MOTS products that suit your needs, we can design special electronic units based on your particular specifications.