MilDef Charity Foundation

MilDef Charity Foundation

The MilDef Charity Foundation was established 2014 with the purpose to provide financial aid for challenged and exposed groups. MilDef Charity Foundations continuously strive to contribute towards a better tomorrow for exposed groups in Helsingborg, Sweden and elsewhere.

The foundation is funded fully by the MilDef Group in the form of a percentage of its year-end result.

Any donated funds to the foundation goes exclusively to charity. One of the main points of our foundation is to ensure that all donated funds are fully traceable. We provide full visibility of what donations aims to achieve.

News 2022

December 2022 – MilDef Charity Foundation donates SEK 10 000 to Skåne Stadsmission
Skåne Stadsmission works for a more humane Skåne. They offer professional support, both acute and long-term, to people living in vulnerable life situations. The goal is to prevent exclusion and strengthen individuals’ power over their own lives.

News 2022

November 2022 – MilDef Charity Foundation repeat donation to Team Rynkeby Godmorgon
For the second time around MilDef donates 25 000 SEK to the Team Rynkeby Helsingborg Team to support the admirable fight for seriously ill children. For several years members of the MilDef family have been participating in the unique team project (conquering both the steep hills of the Ardennes, Mur de Huy and endless hours of charity work) and have experience the great joy of being an integral part of this project founded in Denmark 2002.

By supporting the team MilDef sends an important message. When the headwind is strong, and your muscles burn…think of the joy and hope you bring to families and children in need. Together you will conquer the toughest challenges.

News 2022

October 2022 – MilDef Charity Foundation donates SEK 65 000 to the Helsingborg Woman Shelter
Helsingborg Women’s Shelter offers individual free help to women and girls who are exposed to some form of violence in their close relationships. At Helsingborg Women’s Shelter, woman or girl can get professional help in the form of support calls in local premises, advice by phone or email. Clients can also chat with operators at certain times of the week.

Jenny Ek is the director of operations at Helsingborg Woman Shelter:
“We are very grateful for this generous donation, which will make a big difference for women and children who has experience of abuse. The children in particular need a sanctuary where they can just be children. With this contribution, we can make our shelter’s playroom better, safer and more fun”.

The mission
– Providing support and counselling to women and children exposed to violence in close relationships
– To provide sheltered housing for women and children exposed to violence in close relationships
– To spread information and influence society to avoid more women and children being exposed to violence in close relationships

News 2022

June 2022 – MilDef Charity Foundation makes donation of SEK 50 000 to Hemlösas Hus (House of the homeless)
For several years MilDef Charity has supported Hemlösas Hus in Helsingborg with the long-term ambition that there shouldn’t be any homeless people in Helsingborg.

“We are very grateful to MilDefs donation to help us run the house of the homeless for the benefit of our visitors. It provides us with the opportunity to meet the needs where its often greatly needed – in our house and to make sure we can continue to operate our help to those who truly need it”, says Björn O Anderberg, chairman.

The house function as a social center, which gives the homeless a safe home environment. More information about Hemlösa’s house see


MilDef Charity Foundation makes donation to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency + The Swedish Red Cross
MilDef Charity Foundation has decided to support the Red Cross and UNHCR in their efforts to help families and communities affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.
In the initial phase MCF has decided to in total donate 20 000 Euros to The Red Cross and its dedicated support for the victims of the war in Ukraine as well as to The UN refugee Agency, UNHCR.
In parallel the Board of MCF encourage all MilDef staff to present ideas on how MCF can further donate funds to local activities in our nearby communities that serve to help victims of the war to seek asylum and find safe refuge, having fled violence, persecution, war or disaster at home.

MilDef Charity Foundation makes donation to Team Rynkeby Godmorgon
For several years’ members of the MilDef family has been participating in the unique Team Rynkeby Helsingborg project. Team Rynkeby is a European charity cycling team. Every summer over 2 000 volunteers cycle to Paris to raise money for seriously ill children. In total 73 million EURO has been donated.
Team Rynkeby was founded in 2002. Today, Team Rynkeby comprises 2,250 cyclists and 360 volunteers, divided into 65 local teams from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. MilDef Charity Foundation donates 25 000 SEK to the Helsingborg team.

MilDef Charity Foundation makes donation to Fotbollsstiftelsen
The purpose is to help people struggling with addiction to find a community where comradery and activity is combined through Fotbollsstiftelsen.
Fotbollsstiftelsen has started a cooperation with Hittarps IK who will support with facilities and equipment. Together with Helsingborg Stad they also have a bussing program to transport the players to and from practice each time. MilDef Charity Foundation donates 50 000 SEK.

MilDef Charity Foundation makes donation to “Handbollsskola för alla”
In short, the aim of the project is to help break exclusion and promote integration. The handball school for all project is aimed at children aged 7-10 years and currently engages 350 children. Every week handball training is conducted at six schools in the Helsingborg area. Both handball training and homework help are carried out when the children leave school. The method is to create activities and natural meeting places so that children aged 7-10 years in exclusion areas have opportunities for both physical activity as homework help and get to meet children from other parts of the city. MilDef Charity Foundation donates 50 000 SEK.