Integration services

MilDef Integration services offers experience and expertise through the entire systems integration process, from pre-studies and system design to integration, installation and maintenance of products and systems. Customer tailored ILS-management programs and technical support ensures a high availability and effect throughout the full systems life cycle.

MilDef design and integrate hardware and software such as command, control and communication systems, navigation systems, sensors such as radar-, electronic warfare- and optronic systems.

We work with all different kinds of platforms, objects and facilities and have completed projects involving combat vehicles, combat boats, command and control containers and facilities such as command and control centers, simulator facilities etc.

MilDef Integration

MilDef services

  • Project, program, and portfolio management
  • Systems engineering and design
  • ILS-management and technical support
  • Systems safety
  • Technical documentation
  • Integration, installation, and maintenance
  • Help-and service desk, contact center management
  • Training