RC2100 series, HID Joystick Controller

The RC2100 Series is the second generation handheld controller from MilDef. Keeping true to the MilDef brand the RC2100 Series puts emphasis on low weight, ergonomics and a rugged design.

Built to take a beating
The Generic Robot Controller features durable plastic casing, rugged connectors for easy integration and will operate down to -20°C.

Guaranteed performance
Our products always come with a lifetime support to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to come. We also serve units and stock spare parts for 5 years end-of-life.

MilDef are able to supply custom versions, changing for example button layout and graphics, tailored to your specific application. Contact your local sales office today!

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  • RC2143 - Datasheet (2022-05-31) 167.05 KB
  • MilDef Catalogue 2023 We Armor It (web) (2023-09-04) 2.58 MB
  • RC2100 Service Port Driver (27-MAR-2023) 443.00 KB