19”/4® mini Ra/IP GW

The 19”/4 Thales mini Ra/IP GW is a rugged radio gateway that meets the requirements in a mobile tactical environment. The radio gateway provides a seamless interface between a radio and SIP based voice system.

Interfacing a variety of radios
It is possible to connect several types of radios either via the audio port and/or the serial port. The GW is prepared for analog radios with different characteristics regarding signalling level, PTT, squelch and Vox. It also supports radio call signalling to/from some radios via a serial interface. The 19”/4 Thales mini Ra/IP GW is qualified for Thales Tactical Voice System (TVS)

The mini RA/IP GW is a joint development by Thales Norway A/S and MilDef AB.

  • mini Ra_IP Gateway technical specification (19-Dec-2014) 158.74 KB
  • MilDef_Catalogue_LOW_201013 (2020-10-13) 2.02 MB
  • RGW100_Series_CDM_2.08.24 1.25 MB
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