Whistle blow

Whistle blow – Report a misconduct

MilDef strive to run our operations in a long-term and sustainable way. We are therefore keen that misconduct that could seriously damage our business, our employees or external stakeholders is noticed and investigated as early as possible. In order to make it easier for those who want to provide information about misconduct that breaches current legislation, we have set up a whistleblower channel. All notifications are received and handled by an external actor.

Please note that only persons directly connected to MilDef operations are covered by the protection in the Swedish whistle blow legislation (Act 2021:890 on the protection of persons who report misconduct).

Reporting instruction

Reporting is done in writing via the website wb.2secure.se or orally via telephone on +46 771-77 99 77. You can choose to be anonymous on both of these reporting channels. If you wish to report via a physical meeting, this can be requested by registering a report on the website wb.2secure.se. The physical meeting is held either with a representative from MilDef or with MilDef whistleblower service provider 2Secure by agreement.

When registering a new report on wb.2secure.se, you must state the company-unique code MIL216 to identify that the report is being made for MilDef. On the website, you are asked to answer a number of questions about the subject of the report. You can remain anonymous and be assigned a unique case number and a password that must be saved in order to be able to actively log in to the website and follow the notification and communicate with the administrator at 2Secure.

Once a report has been registered, it is processed by experienced handlers at 2Secure, who contact MilDef primary contact person based on a predetermined contact list with several names. If the primary contact person is subject to notification, another person on the contact list will be notified. It is always MilDef who finally assesses the notification and decides which measures are to be taken. When you report to MilDef reporting channels, you have the right to protection according to the Swedish law (2021:890) on the protection of persons who report misconduct.

In the case of oral reporting, you have the right to check and correct any inaccuracies in your report. When you make a report by phone, you will receive login information to follow your report on wb.2secure.se. If you wish to check and possibly correct your registration afterwards, this can be requested through the web portal. If you wish to sign the protocol from your registration, this is also requested through the web portal. An administrator from 2Secure will coordinate this. In the event that you choose to sign the protocol from your notification, this means that 2Secure becomes aware of your name/identity. 2Secure protects your anonymity and will not share this information with the company. You can therefore, even if you wish to sign the protocol from your notification, continue to be anonymous vis-à-vis MilDef.

Always make your report via private channels as a company owned telephone or computer can be subject to traceability.