MilDef OneCIS

Tactical C2IS Platform Solving Interoperability

The MilDef OneCIS solution enables rapid deployment of tactical IT services to mobile commands, tactical units and quick responders. Together with our ruggedized hardware – we provide a fully rugged tactical IT solution.


OneCIS provides a secure, flexible, scalable and deployable tactical IT capability, through its automated and well tested configurations. OneCIS reduces the demand for human resources, reduces the risk of manual errors and enables increased operational capability.

MilDef OneCIS solutions provides:

  • Support for both autonomous and joint tactical operations
  • Fully automated and standalone deployment and configuration of IT services
  • Highly mobile, secure, and flexible tactical IT solution
  • NATO Federated Mission Networking (FMN) ready
OneCIS Rapid software deployment of IT services at the Tactical Edge


MilDef OneCIS consists of the following components:

  • Communications services such as IP routing, switching, and firewalling
  • Infrastructure services that enable access to the business support services and other applications through or hosted on OneCIS
  • Business support services (core services) such as informal messaging (email), database, document collaboration, and web services
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that can host your functional services such as Command and Control (C2), Battlefield Management (BMS) and Geographical services
  • Standalone deployment solution that enables automated and rapid deployment of the local services
  • Easy to use management tools that allow the local operators to perform often used operations tasks through automation
OneCIS Standalone deployment solution

Automated Deployment

The automated orchestration and deployment allow for a high level of automation when installing and configuring your tactical IT services. This means that you can deploy your services within hours, instead of days or weeks, and with fewer technical resources. OneCIS automated deployment solution is standalone solution and works autonomously. This enables the users to also deploy and redeploy their services in the field.

Automated deployment and configuration of:

  • Hypervisor
  • Operating systems
  • Virtual appliances
  • Network services
  • Core services
OneCIS Automated Deployment and Configuration

Core Services

MilDef OneCIS can include the following core infrastructure and business services:

  • Communication services
  • Informal messaging
  • Text based collaboration
  • Web hosting
  • Web authentication
  • Calendaring and scheduling
  • Directory service
  • Network firewall with IDPS
  • Management tools
  • Security information and event management
  • Backup and recovery

Functional services such as command and control (C2), battlefield management (BMS) and geographical services can be integrated with the deployment solutions as needed (requires custom integration project).

Tactical Private Cloud

MilDef OneCIS brings private cloud technology to the tactical edge, such as edge computing, automated orchestration of IT services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Allows for delivery of tactical IT services by executing automated workflows rather than manual installations. Execute your deployment in hours rather than days or weeks, and get the same result each time, even in the field. No need for a static staging environment or subject matter experts.

OneCIS can utilize services from static data centres or other deployed capabilities according to NATO FMN. Locally installed services will work autonomous in case of communications failure by using the local tactical cloud computing resources

Federated Mission Networking (FMN)

MilDef OneCIS provides FMN connectivity to nations and partners so that they can communicate effectively on operations, missions, and exercises.

Federated Mission Networking

Tactical Edge Computing

Tactical Edge Computing

MilDef’s fully ruggedized OneCIS tactical edge node example configuration:

  • Virtualized computing, storage, and network
  • Network switch
  • KVM with mini display and keyboard
  • UPS and power supply
  • Optional: RS232-IP, USB-IP and Mobile 4G router

Integration Projects

With expertise on automation, orchestration and system integration, our experts can assist in integrating your tactical applications and services into the OneCIS deployment solution. Providing your tactical users with an automated process for deploying your services at the tactical edge.

Get to know OneCIS better

Please contact us to get more detailed anwsers on how to make your deployment automated and autonomous. You will find examples in our customer projects and special electronics, where our R&D has worked closely with customers to meet their exact hardware requirements.