MilDef DS13 (10.1″)

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MilDef DS13, a powerful rugged tablet in a slim form factor

You shouldn’t have to compromise and with the DS13 you get a slimmed, powerful and fully rugged tablet.

Keeping true to the MilDef brand the MilDef DS13 puts emphasis on low weight, a powerful Intel® Core™ i7 CPU and a rugged design.

The tablet features a high-brightness 10,1” resistive multi-touch display, CNC-milled lightweight aluminum chassis and a wide selection of customization options, ranging from military connectors to wireless connectivity and more.

When it gets tough out in the field you don’t have to worry, the MilDef DS13 is IP65 rated as well as certified to both MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 standards.

Are you looking for features and functions beyond the standard solution? The MilDef DS13 offers customization of connectors, I/O, barcode reader, Night Vision Display mode, and many other features and functions. Contact your nearest MilDef sales office with your request.

Guaranteed performance
Products supplied by MilDef are always provided with lifetime support to ensure that the equipment maintains peak performance over many future missions.

  • DS13 - Brief 339.26 KB
  • DS13-User Guide_Sep, 2019 1.65 MB
  • MilDef DS11 - DS13 Comparison 230.07 KB
  • MilDef Catalogue (2021-08-25) 2.06 MB
  • chipset_10.1.17541 (2021-01-25) 4.94 MB
  • Display link (2021-01-25) 4.94 MB
  • GPS (2021-01-25) 4.90 MB
  • RST17.2.0.1009 (2021-01-25) 19.77 MB
  • Realtek_LAN_8119 (2021-01-25) 10.52 MB
  • SerialIO_30.100.1713.2 (2021-01-25) 3.22 MB
  • USB TO COM (2021-01-25) 3.30 MB
  • LAN_I210 (2021-01-25) 72.39 MB
  • LAN_I219 (2021-01-25) 56.18 MB
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