MilDef DE13 (7″), handheld

You shouldn’t have to compromise to get a unit with both a slim and rugged design; the MilDef DE13 is based on a slim aluminum chassis for minimal footprint without losing robustness and high performance in extreme environments.

It can be utilized as a handheld unit for mobile operations or installed in cramped confined spaces. Either way, MilDef DE13 will fill up the gap between smart phones and tablets with a familiar Windows operating system.
The MilDef DE13 features a high-brightness 7” resistive multi-touch display, CNC milled lightweight aluminum chassis and a powerful Intel I7 CPU. And it comes with a wide selection of customization options ranging from military connectors to wireless connectivity options.
Built for the toughest environment and for use in combat, the MilDef DE13 is IP67 rated as well as certified to both MILSTD-810 and MIL-STD-461.

Guaranteed performance

Products supplied by MilDef are always provided with lifetime support to ensure that the equipment maintains peak performance over many future missions.
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  • DE13 - Brief (26-Jan-2023) 292.30 KB
  • DE13_User_Guide_220114 (14-Jan-2022) 1.61 MB
  • MilDef Catalogue 2023 We Armor It (web) (2023-09-04) 2.58 MB
  • 13-series Intel Chipset Device Software_10.1.17541_Win10 (2021-01-25) 4.94 MB
  • 13-series DisplayLink Driver_Win (2021-01-25) 43.05 MB
  • 13-series UBLOX GPS_Win10 (2021-01-25) 4.90 MB
  • 13-series Intel Rapid Storage Technology (2021-01-25) 19.77 MB
  • 13-series Realtek_LAN_8119_Win10 (2021-01-25) 10.52 MB
  • 13-series Serial IO_30.100.1713.2_Win10 (2021-01-25) 3.22 MB
  • 13-series USB TO COM_Win10 (2021-01-25) 3.30 MB
  • 13-series Intel I210 Ethernet Controller_Win10 (2021-01-25) 72.39 MB
  • 13-series Intel I219 Ethernet Controller_Win10 (2021-01-25) 56.18 MB
  • DE13-DS13 System Manager v1.2.9_WIN10 (March-2022) 16.77 MB