MilDef DR13 (8.4″), Tablet

Rugged classic
The MilDef DR series has served many customers for years showing the benefit of form, fit and function. MilDef DR13 is the 6th generation and continues with the same form factor saving our customers additional investment in accessories like cables and mounts when replacing older DR series tablets. The tablet comes with a high brightness display, powerful Intel® Core™ i7 CPU and up to 32GB of RAM. MilDef can offer a wide range of accessories and reuse customization solutions developed for previous generations.

Are you looking for features and functions beyond the standard solution? MilDef DR13 is highly customizable and additional features and functions can be implemented by our R&D department for your requirement. Contact your nearest MilDef sales office with your request.

Guaranteed performance
Our products always come with a lifetime support to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to come. We also service units and stock spare parts for a minimum 5 years after end-of-life.

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  • DR13 - Brief (2022-01-10) 301.80 KB
  • DR13_User_Guide_191015 1.53 MB
  • MilDef Catalogue 2023 We Armor It (web) (2023-09-04) 2.58 MB
  • DockLite - Data Sheet 146.75 KB
  • 13-series Intel Chipset Device Software_10.1.17541_Win10 (2021-01-25) 4.94 MB
  • 13-series DisplayLink Driver_Win (2021-01-25) 43.05 MB
  • 13-series UBLOX GPS_Win10 (2021-01-25) 4.90 MB
  • 13-series Intel Rapid Storage Technology (2021-01-25) 19.77 MB
  • 13-series Realtek_LAN_8119_Win10 (2021-01-25) 10.52 MB
  • 13-series Serial IO_30.100.1713.2_Win10 (2021-01-25) 3.22 MB
  • 13-series USB TO COM_Win10 (2021-01-25) 3.30 MB
  • 13-series Intel I210 Ethernet Controller_Win10 (2021-01-25) 72.39 MB
  • 13-series Intel I219 Ethernet Controller_Win10 (2021-01-25) 56.18 MB
  • 13-series Utilities (10-Feb-2023) 16.77 MB