Mounting Accessories

MilDef offer different mounting solutions for our handheld tablets MilDef DR, DS and DT series. They are very easy to operate, has a perfect fit, adjustable in all directions and works perfect as vehicle or wall mount.

We recommend you to combine it with DockLite docking station which will enable further connection possibilities.

  • DR & DT Adjustable Stand Data Sheet (20-Jan-2014) 111.39 KB
  • DS11 Adjustable Stand - CSP135 (25-Sep-2018) 156.86 KB
  • DockLite - Data Sheet (4-May-2015) 146.75 KB
  • Docklite MilDef DS-series Data Sheet (10-Feb-2017) 89.37 KB
  • MilDef_Catalogue_LOW_200305 (2020-02-14) 1.96 MB
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