19″/2 RM5100 Series

Integrates the analog world into VoIP
The RM5161 Analog Telephony Adapter integrates analog devices such as telephones into the IP Telephony and Unified Communications solution. It can connect up to eight analog interfaces into the VoIP network. It is based on the 19”/2 form factor and is optimized for low size, weight, and power (SWaP) to meet industry requirements without sacrificing reliability, ruggedness, or performance.

• Analog telephone Adapter
• Eight FXS interfaces
• Based on the Innovaphone IP29
• Codecs G.711 / G.722 / G.723.1 / G.729A and Opus-NB
• Dynamic Jitter Buffering
• Echo cancellation according to G.168
• Modem support

  • P-RM5161-06-brief (2021-03-18) 142.48 KB
  • MilDef Catalogue (2020-10-13) 2.02 MB
  • Assembly Instruction Brackets (2019-04-01) 23.86 MB
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