22 April, 2020

New MilDef rugged Cisco-based router

MilDef is pleased to announce the release of the new small form factor RM3121 router within the 19″/2 product range. The RM3121 is a powerful, rugged, Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) gigabit router based on the Cisco ISR 1100 series. Designed for challenging military environments, the RM3121 brings intelligent routing and integrated… Read More

2 April, 2020

19”/2® CS2121 Computer

  MilDef is pleased to announce the release of the new small form factor CS2121 computer within the 19″/2 product range. The CS2121 comes with a powerful Xeon processing unit, removable M2 SSD disk, up to 32GB RAM and is passively cooled. The 19”/2 product range is specifically designed for environments… Read More

19 March, 2020

MilDef continues to attract key leaders

In support of the company’s ambitions to accelerate growth on international markets, Ola Alfredsson joins MilDef in the new position Vice President Strategic Projects. Ola has recently returned from the US and a role as Embassy Counselor in Washington DC.  Prior to this, he has a solid track… Read More