Breaking Boundaries: MilDef’s Panel PC Tech Pioneers Rugged Computing

MilDef, a renowned leader in rugged computer solutions, proudly unveils its latest breakthrough – Panel PC technology. This marks a significant stride in rugged display systems. This innovative ecosystem features detachable computers seamlessly integrated with screen modules tailored for military operations, and it has already been deployed on battle-ready platforms.

MilDef’s rugged display and Panel PC technology usher in a new era of ‘intelligent displays,’ seamlessly blending display and computer functionalities into a unified unit. The retractable and space-efficient computer can be prepared for missions, plugged into the retractable display before missions, and taken away after missions to analyze data. The unique feature is that the computer is extremely easy to quickly remove from the display, while both the computer module and the display section can be used standalone. Noteworthy is the remarkable cost-saving advantage; by investing in new computer modules that seamlessly integrate with existing screen modules, a substantial reduction in the total lifecycle cost is achieved. The flexibility of MilDef’s technology enables numerous combinations of display and computer modules.

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Designed to Armor Your IT in High-Stakes Scenarios

MilDef’s Display Concept tackles critical issues such as inventory management challenges, maintenance complexities, fragile supply chains with multiple suppliers, escalating costs, and the subsequent negative impacts on availability and operational efficiency. This innovation also provides a platform that can be declassified by simply removing the computer modules, ensuring data security.

The revolutionary modular design of the Panel PC redefines the display system, rendering it more flexible, cable-less, and versatile. It offers a unique solution that serves as a military rugged Intelligent Display and a touch-monitor independently, without the need for the computer module. This adaptability not only maximizes cost-effectiveness but also streamlines system integration, making the Panel PC an irresistible choice for industries where durability, flexibility, and seamless integration take precedence.

The back of the Panel PC

In the Battlefield Trenches

Imagine a military camp nestled in a remote area, where a unit of soldiers is entrusted with the upkeep of a fleet of vehicles and an array of field equipment crucial to their mission. These vehicles and equipment are equipped with intricate displays and computer systems vital for communication, navigation, and data processing during operations. Each vehicle boasts its own display and computer system, while various types of field equipment have distinct computing requirements.

However, upgrading these computer systems or displays is an arduous, costly endeavor. Replacing outdated technology necessitates procuring entirely new units, incurring substantial expenses and significant downtime. Moreover, the existing systems lack adaptability, preventing soldiers from easily reconfiguring their equipment to meet evolving mission demands.

The MilDef Advantage in Action

MilDef’s technology introduces ‘intelligent displays’ that ingeniously merge display and computer functionalities into a singular unit. This unified interface empowers soldiers to operate their equipment with heightened efficiency. The option to purchase new computer modules that effortlessly integrate with existing screen modules presents a game-changing reduction in the total lifecycle cost of equipment maintenance.

With a multitude of display and computer module combinations, soldiers can customize their equipment to precise mission requirements, enhancing functionality and usability. Additionally, the ability to undock the computer module from the display grants them the freedom to connect it to other vehicles or field equipment, creating a network of interconnected systems.

Practical Application

Picture this: when a vehicle in the fleet requires a computing power boost or a display upgrade, soldiers can effortlessly acquire the necessary computer module and attach it to the existing screen, minimizing downtime and costs. They can swiftly transfer the computer module from a vehicle to a portable field terminal, thereby enhancing communication and data processing capabilities during remote missions. As new mission requirements emerge, the unit can reconfigure their equipment on the fly, adapting to evolving scenarios.

“The Panel PC technology represents a quantum leap in rugged display systems. Its adaptability and cost-effectiveness are set to revolutionize how military operations are conducted.” / Fredrik Persson, Chief Technology Officer at MilDef

Display Options for Every Need

MilDef’s display system design offers a range of display options and detachable computers. This versatile system facilitates easy installation, configuration, and upgrading of computer modules, catering to users in both tactical and non-tactical environments. The computer modules can be tailored to meet specific role requirements, ensuring a seamless transition between training and operational scenarios. Rigorously tested for rugged features, the panel PC effortlessly endures extreme environmental electromagnetics challenges, whether in air, ground, or naval applications.

The display unit is available in various sizes, starting from 10 inches and up, with full HD resolution and Resistive Multi-touch. It boasts an NVIS backlight dimmable touch screen and a diverse array of configurable function buttons, enabling personalized settings. An On-Screen Display (OSD) can be included for simplified display navigation. Specific features are detailed in the linked datasheet.

Seize the Future with MilDef

The Display Concept is now ready for purchase, and MilDef extends a warm invitation to interested parties to explore the system’s customization and adaptability tailored to their unique needs. For more information, please fill out the form below to connect with one of our product specialists.