Mini Computer – Concept 3331

The Mini Computer offers computing power in an extremely compact form factor.


• Small footprint
• Rugged connectors
• MIL-STD-810 and 461 compliant design
• Intel® Atom® x6425RE CPU
• 8 GB RAM
• 32 GB storage

MilDef offers our customers complete realization of any product idea or concept within rugged electronics. Based on our long experience of designing and customizing products, our engineering team is ready to attack any technical problem thrown at them. A MilDef concept enables the possible implementation of customer specific requirements. Realization may involve NRE cost. This featured product is currently at a concept stage, contact us to further discuss your requirements.

Military-relevant rugged design

MilDef products are designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions and challenging electromagnetic operational scenarios. Operationally proven, MilDef products are actively employed in military operations in over 60 countries.


Are you looking for additional features and functions? MilDef specializes in customized solutions, to include change of connectors, chassis modifications, mounting solutions, etc. Contact your nearest MilDef Sales Office and we will help you tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements.

Guaranteed performance

MilDef products are designed for the long lifecycles of military programs and come with a lifetime support program to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to come. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for an additional 5 years after product end-of-life.

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