Consulting Service Areas

Project management and project support

We offer consultants in all phases of a project. We have experience from both agile and waterfall projects. Our consultants adjust and combines methodology to the specific problem.

Example of roles:

  • Project manager
  • Product owner/product responsible
  • Project support

Facilitation and process management

We offer consultant who manage and facilitate processes. We contribute with design of strategies, services, work processes and digital solutions. Our experienced consultants master both the digital and physical meeting points.

Example of roles:

  • Process leader
  • Facilitator
  • Agile coach
  • Scrum master

Change management and benefit realization

We offer consultants that perform change analysis, define gains, develop strategies and plans to adapt new solutions, develop training and communications materials, as well as benefit realization.
Our consultants understand benefit realization means changing people’s knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Example of roles:

  • Change manager
  • Benefit realization manager
  • Communications experts
  • Training manager

Organizational development and leadership

We offer consultants that supports with organizational and cultural development in conjunction with digitalization. We execute analysis to find out where there are pain points, formulate and plan measures, facilitate leadership and group meetings, as well as act as sparring partners for leaders.

Example of roles:

  • Advisor of organization and leadership development
  • Sparring partner
  • Facilitator for leadership and employee meeting

Service design and enterprise architecture

Service design

We offer consultants that lead and contribute in all phases of a design process – from insight, concept development, testing and prototyping. We contribute in the designing of strategies, services, work processes and digital solutions.

Example of roles:

  • Services designer
  • Advisor insight and concept development
  • Methodological advisor

Enterprise architecture

We offer consultant that executes analysis of existing architecture, define targets, forms strategi and plans for realization, and participates in the improvement work.

Example of roles:

  • Business architect
  • Functional architect
  • Solutions architect
  • Information architect

IT Advisory and security

IT Advisory

We offer consultants that performs analysis of the IT area, define future state, forms strategies and participates in the improvement work.

Example of roles:

  • Advisor ITSM
  • Advisor cloud transformation
  • Advisor IT leadership and organization

Security and secured platforms

We offer consultants that support with IT security and develop secure platforms. Our consultants have experience with on-prem, cloud and hybrid solution.

Example of roles:

  • Security advisor
  • Infrastructure architect
  • System developer