19”/2® PWR500 Series

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A powerful PDU in a small form factor
The 19”/2® PWR501 is built from the ground up to perform in the most extreme environments. With support of up to 10 outputs and 60 Ampere input the PDU is ideal to supply power to a complete system solution. The individual fuses on each port minimizes the impact of pontential malfunction of connected units.

Size matters
As part of our 19”/2 range, the PWR501 is an compact solution with significantly reduced weight without compromising the functionality. This makes it an ideal compliment to mobile systems out in the field.

Guaranteed performance
Our products always come with lifetime support to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to come.

  • PWR501 PDU Technical Specification 299.40 KB
  • MilDef Product Catalogue (2021-11-19) 4.28 MB
  • Assembly Instruction Brackets (2019-04-01) 23.86 MB
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