Ruggedized NTP Time Server for Time Synchronization in Harsh Environments

In cooperation with Meinberg, MilDef AB has developed an accurate rugged NTP time server that is resistant to shock, vibration and harsh environmental impact.

Bad Pyrmont, 2012-11-06
Meinberg Radio Clocks, a leading provider of time and frequency synchronization solutions, announced today the availability of MilDef AB’s ruggedized time server which was developed in cooperation with Meinberg.

MilDef AB is a Swedish company that develops computers and computer systems for use in demanding environments, where durability and functionality are of utmost importance. MilDef’s strength is the production of products for hostile environments where reliability and resistance to outside influences are paramount (such as temperature, shock, vibration, water, dust, etc.).

MilDef’s ruggedized time Server SSW501 is based on Meinberg’s LANTIME MRS technology, which is used worldwide to provide highly accurate timing synchronization to NTP or SNTP compatible networks of any size. The SSW501 is built in an 19”/2® ultra-resistant aluminium case designed to meet environmental impacts of altitude, humidity, shock, salt fog, temperature and vibration. It meets many requirements of standards MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461F.

The integrated highly stable oscillator (OCXO HQ) bridges periods of signal loss, making the time server a highly accurate and reliable time source for all NTP and SNTP compatible systems. The SSW501 time server runs on Meinberg’s LANTIME firmware V6 which will soon be released to all LANTIME family models.

For more information on MilDef’s ruggedized NTP time servers, contact:

Product Manager Jens Karlsson at:

Meinberg’s LANTIME time servers are suitable for virtually any application since they can be individually configured with different form factors, power supply options, reference time sources, and additional interfaces or outputs to meet the user’s needs.
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