Product Release: Radio Router

Radio Router RM701,MilDef is proud to release a new product in the 19″/2 family. In cooperation with Cisco and Persistent Systems we have developed a combined router and mesh radio unit.,Key features:,·         Two customizable radio interfaces
·         Peer-to-Peer Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)
·         Mobile IP capabilities
·         Push To Talk (PTT) Voice
·         MIL-STD-810F & MIL-STD-461F,The new Radio Router RM701 combines mobile IP from the Cisco 5915 Router with the Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking System (MANET) capability of the Persistent Systems radio MPU3.,The unit is designed to maintain connectivity on the move and is ideal for mission-critical mobile communication networks. The RM701 provides a scalable peer-to-peer network that provides data, video and voice even in the most challenging applications.,RM701 provides a dynamic, reliable and secure wireless networking solution, with user throughput up to 41 Mbps UDP and 31 Mbps TCP. The mobile IP software of the Cisco IOS allows transparent roaming over multiple wireless networks., ,For more information on the new Radio Router please contact our product manager Jens Karlsson on or Telephone +46 42 250000