Change to the share ownership of MilDef Group AB and MilDef Ltd

Helsingborg, Sweden, 2018-02-21

A change to the share ownership of both MilDef Group AB and UK based MilDef Ltd has taken place on 1st February 2018. The previous ownership of MilDef Ltd was divided between MilDef Group AB (58.75%) and three minority owners – representing 20%, 18.75% and 2.5% respectively. The transaction consisted of exchanging the privately owned MilDef Ltd shares with newly emitted MilDef Group AB shares resulting in MilDef Ltd being 100% owned by MilDef Group AB. After the transactions the total ownership for the former MilDef Ltd shareholders in MilDef Group AB is 2.5%, 30.74% and 0.31%.

The purpose of the share transactions was to reach a state where MilDef Group AB owns 100% of all subsidiaries in the group. This has now been accomplished.

These transactions are logical and positive for everyone involved. We are very pleased to have reached the current situation, with retained ownership interest in MilDef from the former minority owners of shares in MilDef Ltd.” says Tomas Odelid, Executive chairman of the board, MilDef Group AB.

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