NOBLE procures commercial off-the-shelf situational command and control solution

27 August 2014, Stockholm – The Norwegian Battle Lab & Experimentation (NOBLE) has procured trackers and accessories from Track24 Defence in order to conduct experimentation activities related to blue force tracking.

The investment and the deal was conducted through Swedish military C4ISR specialist, MilDef Systems AB. The solution will provide beyond line-of-sight command and control capability at short notice.

Johan Pakarinen, managing director at MilDef Systems AB, comments: “Having spent more than ten years in the Swedish armed forces, I understand tactical communications requirements. Traditionally these systems are complicated to setup and require a lot of training and bandwidth. The Track24 Defence solution offers a cost effective way to quickly increase capability and it’s easy for operators to use; an hour’s training enables them to power up the Track24 units and instantly secure beyond line-of-sight communication for their operations.

“Combining the advanced tracking devices with tablet computers running Track24 Defence’s SCC Tactical software gives commanders blue force tracking and command and control capability wherever they are in the world.”

Neil Perriton, Track24 Defence BFT specialist concludes: “NOBLE’s requirements mirrored those of a number of our military customers: they need a cost effective solution that could be deployed quickly. We, together with MilDef Systems, are particularly pleased to be working with the team at Noble.”

The deal was completed in July 2014 and the solution will be fully operational by September 2014.

About MilDef Systems AB

The core expertise of MilDef Systems AB is experience and knowledge of the military domain.

Functional development, design and system integration of both communication and information systems have resulted in the creation of C4ISR. The MilDef Group Product portfolio and associated competencies provides one of the pillars of the C4ISR. Together with its partners MilDef Systems provides complete systems and services and are a competent provider throughout the entire lifecycle.

MilDef consists of:
MilDef AB (Sweden)
MilDef Systems (Sweden)
MilDef Ltd (UK)
MilDef Crete Inc (Taiwan)

MilDef Systems AB is headquartered in Nacka
MilDef Systems AB is certified according to 9001:2008 and 14001:2004

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About Track24 Defence

Track24 Defence is a service provider of end-to-end situational awareness and command and control solutions that enable organisations to track personnel, vehicles, aircraft and maritime vessels. At any given time, the company facilitates the tracking and management of thousands of people across 40 countries often in hostile and austere environments.

Track24 Defence is Track24’s military group.

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