MilDef restructures to enhance customer focus

Helsingborg, Sweden, April 7, 2021

In recent years, MilDef, a leading provider of tactical IT, has been on a strong growth journey investing time and resources into new geographical markets, customers, and product categories.
To further support its customers and drive continued growth, MilDef is now making a change to its company structure by splitting MilDef AB, its Sweden based sales office, into MilDef Sweden AB and MilDef International AB.
MilDef Sweden AB, with offices in Stockholm and Helsingborg, will focus solely on the Swedish defense market whilst MilDef International AB will specialize in international sales.

Björn Karlsson, CEO of MilDef Group, comments: ”We make this positive change to further focus our efforts on the strategic Swedish market and the expanding partner-oriented international business. It’s an alignment of our company structure that matches the group’s design for growth.”

For additional information, please contact:

MilDef Group AB
Björn Karlsson, CEO
+46 705 250107

Johan Holmqvist, Head of Investor Relations
+46 708 376677

About MilDef Group
MilDef Group develops, supplies, and supports tactical IT. We customize our products to meet customers’ specific requirements and needs for high quality. Our services save time and increase value for our customers. Our software enables effective digitalization.