New Chairman for MilDef

P R E S S  R E L E A S E
New Chairman for MilDef
On the 5th of March, ReadSoft’s former CEO and founder Jan Andersson took over the Chairman position at MilDef Invest. MilDef Invest AB is the parent company of the MilDef group, which operates primarily in Helsingborg, but also through subsidiaries in Stockholm and Cardiff, UK.
In Jan Andersson, the company will have a Chairman who has experienced rapid business expansion, internationalization and IPOs. ReadSoft was sold in the autumn of 2014 to Lexmark International.
Former Chairman Göran Hellström, after seven years in the office of Chairman, chose to opt out of re-election at the Annual General Meeting. During Göran’s years as Chairman, the Group has undergone major changes and shown strong growth with good profitability. Göran was thanked for his efforts over the years, in conjunction with the AGM.
Tomas Odelid CEO: I am delighted that Jan has accepted our offer. We are getting a person with tremendous experience and we will gain invaluable support in implementing our intended trip, MilDef 2020, inter alia, a major expansion of the Group in the international arena.
Jan Andersson: MilDef is a rapidly growing manufacturer and supplier of custom-designed computers and electronics for defense. MilDef have an exciting product portfolio with great potential where innovation and quality are the watchwords. I hope and believe that my previous experience will be helpful towards further expansion, especially in the international arena.
For further information, contact Jan Andersson, or CEO, Tomas Odelid,