MilDef releases 19″/2 KSW1101

MilDef is pleased to announce the release of the new KSW1101.
The KSW1101 is a KVM switch for DVI and USB input in a fully rugged enclosure. The switch facilitates up to four computers to share the use of a single DVI. The peripheral focus may be manually diverted to a connected computer, by either selecting the pushbutton on the switch, or on the connected device.

• Single DVI and USB input on the back
• 4x DVI and USB output on the front
• Output select button to toggle between outputs
• Interface for optional external remote

Small form factor
The MilDef 19″/2 form factor is optimized for reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) to meet industry and military requirements without sacrificing reliability, ruggedness or performance.

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