MilDef Ltd Delivers High End Customised RS11 Rugged PC and DF7A Rugged End User Device

Chemring Technology Solutions (CTS) selected MilDef Ltd.’s highly customised RS11 Rugged Laptop and Rugged DF7A Android Tablet End User Device (EUD) to form part of a fleet of Chemring’s ‘Resolve 3’ Electronic Warfare (EW) Manpack Systems that will be delivered to Australia later this year.

Resolve 3 is the latest iteration of the highly successful, combat-proven, Resolve Electronic Surveillance system, designed and produced by UK-based Chemring Technology Solutions (“CTS”).

On show at the recent Land Forces exhibition, Resolve 3 received significant interest from the user community, keen to get the latest technology into the hands of its soldiers.

The MilDef RS11 laptop and DF7A tablet PC have been highly customised to seamlessly integrate with the Resolve system, minimising the integration, training and ILS burden normally associated with upgrading/changing components within a system.

Greg Clark, Technical Manager for MilDef Ltd stated that “The RS11 customisations include 6 x discrete Military Specified connectors, enhanced EMI shielding, NVIS and a custom power solution. DF7A customisations include custom interface configuration and enhanced EMI shielding.  All of which fell right into what MilDef do best, which is to meet customer high end specification within budget and delivered in an aggressive timeframe”

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