MilDef Limited awarded Cyber Essentials and IASME Information Security Standard

MilDef Limited is pleased to announce it has been successful in achieving Cyber Essentials Certification and IASME Information Security Standard further demonstrating MilDef Limited’s commitment to all aspects of security.
The Cyber Essentials Standard, recommended by the Defence Cyber Security Partnership focuses on five key controls:,Alongside this certification MilDef have achieved further compliance with the IASME Information Security Standard. This certification demonstrates the further information security measures MilDef have in place including physical security, staff awareness, and data backup. The IASME Standard was recently recognised as the best cyber security standard for small companies by the UK Government when in consultation with trade associations and industry groups.
Since 1 October 2014, Cyber Essentials became a minimum requirement for bidding for some government contracts ( . For further information please see www.cyberstreetwise.comcyberessentials