MilDef Coronavirus statement – Helsingborg, 16th March 2020

Among the concerns raised regarding the coronavirus pandemic is whether customers can count on the delivery of MilDef’s products and services. MilDef does not currently forecast any shortages or stoppages to product or service delivery and is taking all practical measures to secure delivery performance. If this situation changes a further update will be released.

MilDef has implemented an escalation plan in order to take preventive action early with the purpose of protecting production capability and capacity.
A four level escalation plan has been implemented:
• Level 1 – Business as usual with travel restrictions.
• Level 2 – Staff who can efficiently work from home are directed to do so.
• Level 3 – Only staff who must be on site to do their work are permitted to do so.
• Level 4 – Site closed (quarantine)
Currently MilDef is operating at Level 2.

Other risk mitigation plans currently in place:
• Restriction in business travel. Only travel which is deemed critical and where no other solution is possible is permitted.
• Customer, supplier and partner meetings are encouraged via video conferencing.
• No travel of MilDef personnel between MilDef offices is permitted.
• Minimize external visitors to MilDef offices.
• Close cooperation with suppliers in order to quickly identify problems and source alternative solutions.
• Regular continuity planning at all levels of organization.

All actions are taken with the purpose of protecting:
• Staff health
• Production capability
• Customer deliveries

This policy is implemented across all MilDef sites and incorporates all MilDef employees globally.

Decision review is carried out every Friday at 1400 CET.

Per Björnson
Chief Risk and Security Officer