MilDef acquires Bedriftssystemer AS

Helsingborg – On July 1, MilDef Group completed the acquisition of the company Bedriftssystemer AS (Norway). ,Bedriftssystemer AS, with establishments in Oslo, has a strong market position in Norway specializing in rugged electronics and TEMPEST equipment. The company delivers mainly to the Norwegian MoD and the leading defense subcontractors in Norway.,“Norway is an important market for MilDef and this acquisition allows us to further strengthen our position within that market. MilDef and Bedriftssystemer have a long standing relationship so this feels like a natural step to take. The synergies after the acquisition will provide long term benefits for all parties and this is also in line with our international expansion strategy. says Tomas Odelid, Group CEO of MilDef.,Henning Linnebjerg, the new Managing Director at MilDef Norway, says: “MilDef has been a long term partner to Bedriftssystemer AS. This means we know MilDef stands for stability and quality. MilDef is a top-level supplier of products within our core business and have an outstanding product portfolio. We really looking forward to start working under the MilDef Group organization and be a part of the international expansion MilDef aiming for”., Bedriftssystemer AS will change corporation name to MilDef AS and operate as an autonomous subsidiary of MilDef Group in today’s premises in Oslo. Bedriftssystemer AS’ current business relations will continue as before.,The acquisition is expected to have a positive effect on the consolidated earnings already in 2016.,For further information contact:,Tomas Odelid, Group CEO, +1 571 290 1333
Henning Linnebjerg, MD MilDef Norway, +47 48 25 84 11, ,About MilDef
MilDef Group consists of MilDef AB and MilDef Systems in Sweden, MilDef Limited in the United Kingdom and MilDef Inc in the United States. MilDef develops, manufactures and sells rugged computers and electronics to customers in the defense sector. Our portfolio consists of a complete range of rugged IT products, fully customizable.,About Bedriftssystemer AS
Bedriftssystemer AS was established in 1990 and is mainly a supplier of rugged electronics and TEMPEST equipment on the Norwegian market. The company’s annual turnover amounts to approximately SEK 60 million. The company has 7 employees at the acquisition date.