Norweigan Army puts vehicle hardware to the test

Case Study: Rugged computers and special electronics in CV90 IFV Vehicle

Background: The Norwegian Defense Material Agency (NDMA) was tasked with digitizing the army’s CV90 IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) in order to provide situational awareness from platoon to brigade level.

Challenge: Outfit IFVs with rugged computers and components that both maximize limited rack space and can endure the conditions of being mounted in the army’s IFVs.

Solution: The NDMA selected MilDef to supply small form factor customizable 19”/2 rugged servers.

Results: By mounting MilDef 19”/2 products in more than 140 CV90s, the NDMA has enhanced these vehicles with a modern computing solution built specifically for combat environments. MilDef 19”/2 rugged servers and components have delivered cost-effectiveness and environmental requirements for C2-systems in armored vehicles.

“With the CV90s Integrated Combat System, this is the world’s most modern fighting vehicle. This is the Armys F-35, a joint resource and a game-changer that gives us situational awareness and understanding.” – General Odin Johanness\en, former Chief of the Norwegian Army