Military-Rugged Electronics for Naval Defense Systems

As naval planners continue to design and build manned and unmanned ships as integrated systems of systems, demand grows for modular electronics that can easily be integrated into existing or new systems and withstand various shipboard environments.

Since 1997, MilDef has designed, tested, qualified, manufactured, sold and globally supported rugged computing products designed specifically for military applications in the harshest environments. As a result, MilDef, a registered Small Business, is a trusted supplier to many armed forces deployed globally.

MilDef’s proven, rugged electronics are modular and reliable, designed to withstand harsh shipboard environments. Designed with SWaP needs in mind, MilDef flagship products can be customized for size, power, bulkhead and deck connections for cost and time-effective replacement of shipboard consoles or system components.



The MilDef approach

MilDef structures all processes—from concept design to component sourcing, rapid prototyping and customization—to get military personnel the rugged electronics they need, when they need them.

Concept design, Project start, Development, Verification, Production

In-house capabilities


MilDef invests in the right people and tools for product design, development and testing to continually improve product quality, reliability and performance. As an OEM solely focused on the defense sector, MilDef has been able to selectively tailor design capabilities to meet precise customer requirements:

  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Printed circuit board layouts
  • Customization (blueprint strategy)
  • System integration (inclusion of
    MilDef products in a sub-system)
  • Thermal analysis and passive
  • Ruggedization to latest military
  • EMC/EMI protection
  • Prototyping (3D-printed proof of
    concept or milled aluminum chassis)

Environmental/EMI testing

Product design and testing to stringent, well-defined military standards (e.g. MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, RTCA/DO-160) is a critical requirement of rugged hard-ware production for MilDef’s customers. Mildef not only rigorously tests every finished product, but also the components that make up each finished product. MilDef’s in-house testing assets include:

  • EMI/EMC test chambers for MIL-STD-461 CE102, RE102 and DEF STAN 59-411
  • MIL-STD-1275 test equipment
  • Temperature cycling and Ingress Protection test chambers
  • Vibration, shock and drop testing

MilDef also employs 3rd party test houses for accredited testing to DEF STAN 59-411, RTCA/DO-160, TEMPEST (SDIP-27) standards.


MilDef manufactures all products in-house to maintain control over quality, BOM traceability, lead times and delivery. To ensure every product is ready to deploy straight out of the box, MilDef employs an automated test system, PTS (Production Test System), for final quality control with unique test reports for all units produced.

Supply chain / delivery

MilDef ’s supply chain management team is involved in every development initiative, ensuring component suppliers can meet ruggedization qualifications, quality and MilDef’s 10-year production/sustainment lifecycle roadmaps.

Project management

MilDef’s resources, processes and successful track record ensure efficient project management for complex new development or product customization on budget and schedule.

MilDef Rugged Products

MilDef develops rugged IT products for use in demanding environments, where durability and functionality are of critical importance. Products are designed with a focus on long product life cycles and consistent form over generations, resulting in low total cost of ownership.

MilDef's 10-year lifecycle model for all products


The MilDef suite of products includes small form factor computers and electronics, mobile computers, displays, panel PCs and special electronics, available out of the box. All products can also be tailored to customers exact specifications.

Small Form Factor for Naval applications
Small Form Factor
Rugged Laptops for Naval Defense Systems
Mobile Computers
Rugged Intelligent Displays for Naval Defense Systems
Intelligent Displays
Rugged Special Electroincs for Naval Defense Systems
Special Electronics

Modular 19”/2® Small Form Factor Computing & Communication Systems

The 19”/2® product line offers a broad range of rugged small form factor computers and network equipment. The line’s modular design, used as individual products, sub-systems or complete systems, allows for a building block approach in a wide array of applications.

Rugged Naval Small Form Factor Servers
Rugged Naval Small Form Factor Computer platforms
Computer platforms
Rugged Naval Small Form Factor Network attached storage solutions
Network attached storage solutions
Rugged Naval Small Form Factor KVMs & extenders
KVMs & extenders
Rugged Naval Small Form Factor Switches & gateways
Switches & gateways
Rugged Naval Small Form Factor Routers & firewalls
Routers & firewalls
Rugged Naval Small Form Factor Power products
Power products
Rugged Naval Small Form Factor Mounting frames
Mounting frames

Mobile computers

A complete line of rugged mobile computers, tablets and handhelds in varying screen sizes.

Rugged Naval Mobile Computers workstations
Mobile workstations (15-17”)
Rugged Naval Mobile Computers Laptops
Laptops (13-15”)
Rugged Naval Mobile Computers Tablets
Tablets (8-12”)
Rugged Naval Mobile Computers Handheld Dismounted
Handheld/ Dismounted (5-7”)

Rugged displays

A range of rugged displays and panel PCs for tactical applications. Utilizing modular back boxes MilDef’s rugged displays can transform from a standard display to a panel PC with a quick swap. Sizes range from 10.4” to 40”.

Naval Rugged Intelligent Displays
Intelligent Displays
Naval Rugged Panel PCs Displays
Panel PCs
Naval Rugged Displays MDU series
MDU series

Rugged special electronics

MilDef supports customer projects which require specialized rugged electronics not based on any standard product segment.

Rugged Naval Special Computers & KVMs
Computers & KVMs
Rugged Naval Special Electronics Docking stations & trays
Docking stations & trays
Rugged Naval Special Electronics Keyboards
Rugged Naval Special Electronics Power solutions
Power solutions
Rugged Naval Special Electronics Unmanned systems controller
Unmanned systems controller
Rugged Naval Special Electronics Network products
Network products

Military-Rugged Electronics for Naval Defense Systems

MilDef military-rugged products can be integrated into existing network architecture or deployed as a new network. All products are designed for reliable operation in extreme environments and can be customized to meet specific mission requirements.

  • Client/Server solutions for amphibious mobile command posts
  • SATCOM: management servers/terminals
  • RADAR: mission consoles/servers
  • Servers, network-attached storage, routers, switches
  • Touch panel displays

Multi-mission shipboard solutions

Mission Shipboard Solutions example 1
Mission Shipboard Solutions example 2

We stand ready to design and build your products, regardless of volume.

You will find examples in our customer projects and special electronics, where our R&D has worked closely with customers to meet their exact requirements.  Please read more about our development process or contact us to learn more.