Providing Military Performance to Civilian Vehicles

Problem: The Swedish Armed Forces struggled with a communication disconnect between military and civilian vehicles, necessitating a solution that could bridge this gap without extensive modifications or potential safety risks.

Solution: MilDef’s team crafted a custom tripod box, weighing a mere 13KG, designed to power radios directly from a standard vehicle outlet, ensuring accessibility in tight spaces and multiple vehicle plattforms.

Result: A portable, reliable communication solution seamlessly integrated into the diverse vehicle fleet, exceeding the client’s expectations, and earning tributes for its practicality and ingenuity.

In the realm of defense technology, innovation is a driving force for us at MilDef. Creating customized solutions for our clients is anything but new to us. Standing at the forefront of the dynamic defense industry, our recent achievement in designing custom tripod boxes highlights our deep technical knowledge and dedication to fulfill the distinctive requirements of our beloved clients.

MilDef’s Innovative Solution Bridges Communication Gap Using Customized Off-the-Shelf Rugged Box

Custom Craftsmanship

The traditionally used 19” ½ and full 19” boxes were set aside, as they demanded more power than could be spared. MilDef embarked on a six-month journey of prototyping, a period punctuated by iterative design tweaks and relentless dedication. The result? A sleek, compact case resembling a fisherman’s tackle box, weighing a mere 13KG.

The entire system draws power from a vehicle’s standard outlet, eliminating the need for any modifications to the car. This was crucial – no soldier should have to fumble with wires in the heat of action. What sets it further apart is the design feature: the entire internal chassis can be effortlessly removed in less than one minute with just six screws. This not only simplifies maintenance but also significantly enhances safety. By avoiding complex modifications and potentially hazardous manual wiring, MilDef’s custom tripod box ensures a seamless and secure communication solution for the Swedish Armed Forces.

Example of the tripod variety, a.k.a. “A-plats 1”.
Example of the tripod variety, a.k.a. “A-plats 1”.  The entire system draws power from a vehicle's standard outlet, and the entire internal chassis can be effortlessly removed in less than one minute with just six screws.

A Youthful Force, A Remarkable Achievement:

The project team, led by Victor Ekström, comprised a group of young minds, none older than 27. Their enthusiasm was matched only by their technical acumen. With guidance from experienced colleagues, they tackled every challenge head-on.

The project’s trajectory was dynamic, constantly evolving to meet the client’s shifting requirements. Yet, every hurdle was surmounted, every obstacle turned into an opportunity for innovation.

The project team

A Testament to Collaboration

MilDef’s collaboration with the client proved invaluable. Tests were conducted, components modified, and solutions refined, all in conjunction with the end-users’ needs. The result was a product that not only met specifications but exceeded expectations.

Victor Ekström, Project Manager, MilDef

“Collaboration has been at the heart of this project from day one. We didn’t just deliver a product; we co-created a solution hand in hand with our client. I vividly recall visiting the client’s site, fine-tuning prototypes, and witnessing their input shape the final product. It’s this mutual effort that truly sets this endeavor apart.”

– Victor Ekström, Project Manager, MilDef


In a world where off-the-shelf solutions often fall short, MilDef’s bespoke tripod boxes stand tall. They are a testament to innovation, a product born from collaboration, and a symbol of our unwavering commitment to excellence. When it comes to choosing the right tripod- seek expertise, embrace innovation, and never shy away from asking for help. The right solution, after all, is just a conversation away.

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