19″/6 MC700 Series

The MC700 series is a gigabit Ethernet media converter in a compact and rugged design.

It is designed to withstand the most extreme environments over the long haul and can be powered by dual USB ports (minimum 800mA together) or by 10-32V for increased versatility.

MC700 Series is designed as a 19”/6 units and can be mounted together in several different ways:

  • Standalone unit
  • Two or more devices can also be stacked on top of each other
  • Three 19”/6 units can be mounted together into one 19/2” unit
  • Six 19”/6 units can be mounted together into one 19” unit.

Guaranteed performance
Our products always come with lifetime support to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to come.

  • MC700 - Model Comparison (09-Apr-2015) 422.13 KB
  • MC701 - Media converter Technical Specification 330.01 KB
  • MC702 - Media converter Technical Specification (09-Apr-2015) 147.63 KB
  • MC703 - Media converter Technical Specification_0 (18-Jul-2017) 147.82 KB
  • MC706 - brief (2019-01-09) 172.94 KB
  • MilDef Product Brochure (2019-11-26) 1.96 MB
  • Bracket Guide (2019-04-01) 1.36 MB
  • MilDef_ServicePort_Driver_WinXP_7 272.41 KB
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