19”/2® SSW500 Series

The 19”/2 SSW500 Series is a rugged time server designed for demanding environments. It’s based on the Meinberg LANTIME M300/MRS, a time server used around the world to provide accurate time to networks of any size.

It’s a very reliable and accurate time source for all systems either NTP- or SNTP-compatible and it uses a built-in ultra-stable oscillator as its primary reference time source. The configuration of the system can be managed by using a standard web browser for accessing the extensive but straightforward html interface. Alternatively a text based and menu driven setup utility can be started from the shell prompt after logging into the unit via Telnet or SSH.

  • SSW501 - Brief (18-Jun-2015) 269.42 KB
  • MilDef_Catalogue_LOW_200305 (2020-02-14) 1.96 MB
  • Assembly Instruction Brackets (2019-04-01) 23.86 MB
  • MilDef_ConsolePort_Driver_WinXP_7 286.82 KB
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