Disk Clone Station CSP114

Disk Clone Station for MilDef DR8/DR10 and MilDef 19″/2 HDD


  • Master input (clone from media)
  • MilDef Disk bay
  • USB 3.0 (Boot, Import, Export)
  • Up to 8 disks simultaneous cloning
  • External Monitor and keyboard not needed for normal functionality
  • Compatible to MilDef DR8/DR10 and MilDef 19″/2 HDD
  • Linux OS (MilDef embedded linux)
  • Intel i7 processor
  • LSI SATA Host Bus Adapter
  • CSP114 Disk Clone Station Technical Specification_0 (17-Jul-2017) 172.95 KB
  • MilDef_Catalogue_LOW_201013 (2020-10-13) 2.02 MB
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