Military-Grade Robot Controllers Built for Tough Environments

Drone controllers have become increasingly important in the defense sector, where the demand for drones has skyrocketed in recent years. With the need for reliable controllers that can withstand extreme conditions and provide precise control over the drone’s movements, finding the right equipment has become a challenge. However, advancements in technology are helping to overcome these challenges.

Kristian Wålberg is the Technical Sales Support at MilDef, who has experience flying drones in hostile environments. He emphasized the importance of precise control over the drone’s movements for mission success and safety. This requires rugged controllers that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with communication networks, even in tough conditions.

One challenge that users face is the weight and complexity of rugged controllers. While they are more durable than standard controllers, they can be more difficult to handle. MilDef has developed the RC2100-series  of drone hand controllers, which are designed specifically for rugged environments.

“Customers often expect mini drone controllers to be lightweight, but this can be a challenge when meeting military standards.”

Kristian Wålberg, Technical Sales Support, MilDef AS

The MilDef RC2100-series is a drone controller that can withstand tough environments and provides precise control over the object’s movements and sensor payload. The controller is designed to withstand dust, water and shocks. Additionally, the controller’s customization options are what makes it even more versatile. We at MilDef understands the importance of creating products that cater to our clients’ needs, and the RC2100-series is no exception. MilDef can be easily modify the controllers based on customer requirements, such as fewer/more buttons or different connector types, ensuring that the controller is ready for use in no time.

In addition, the MilDef RC2100-series can connect to any computer , device, or system via USB, allowing for seamless integration with other MilDef products and systems. However, it is designed to fit into the MilDef DS Series Tablet. Overall, the MilDef RC2100-series is a family of drone controllers that provide military and defense users with the precision, durability, and functionality they need to execute complex drone operations in harsh and challenging environments. With advancements in technology and the development of rugged controllers, drone operations in the defense sector can continue to thrive.

“As a former drone operator, I know firsthand the importance of having precise control over the object’s movements. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the MilDef team, where we’ve developed the RC2100-series. Our clients are consistently praising the series’ advanced features such as the customizable button layout. Even if we at MilDef are happy to meet our customers’ needs, we are always looking for ways to improve our technology.”

Kristian Wålberg, Technical Sales Support, MilDef AS

Kristian Wålberg, Technical Sales, MilDef AS

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