WE DIGITALIZE THE WORLDWhere the stakes are the highest,
requirements are the toughest,
and when technology has game-changing potential.

Configure Your 19″/2® Computer

MilDef Group offers you a portfolio of products and services with a complete range of rugged electronics, software solutions, and services.

Digitalization of operations and functions that are crucial for society is increasing and there is therefore a need for tactical IT in demanding environments. MilDef is taking an active role in this development. The goal is to be the most reliable partner in the industry. MilDef adds value through industry-leading quality and high delivery precision.

From compact computers and power products, to switches and intelligent displays, MilDef provides a complete product portfolio for rugged IT. With the ability to heavily customize products and to deliver complete functional systems, we aim to be your first choice for rugged electronics.

MilDef’s products are proven on land, at sea and in the air with international forces around the world, in extremely demanding environments.

Our customers range from military end users and defense material administrations, to integrators, system houses, and other defense companies.

Battlefield networking requires SWaP-optimized IT solutions. With customizable rugged servers, you can create a complete system for your vehicle installation or mobile command in half the space. Light enough to hand carry and small enough to fit within the confines of a Light Armored Vehicle, 19”/2 solutions are the leanest rugged electronics available, built to optimize critical rack space.

Our fully rugged military tablets, laptops and handhelds have met the tough conditions of the field and mobile computing environment for more than two decades. Extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interference, shock, vibration, water, dust–MilDef rugged electronics continue to deliver in the most unforgiving environments.

Control, computing and display from a single handheld controller. Our universal rugged controller activates robot functionality while maintaining operator safety and features the trusted durability of MilDef products. Lightweight and fully rugged, our controllers are built to take a beating.

Software for secure IT infrastructure, i.e. operating systems, communications, security, deployment, sensor systems, etc. Infrastructural software which is closely connected to MilDefs extensive hardware portfolio. Also, MilDef OneCIS offers unique deployment power to deliver IT services at the Tactical Edge.

Integration services provide an entire systems integration process, from pre-studies and system design to integration, installation and maintenance of products and systems. For instance, command, control and communication systems, navigation systems, sensors such as radar-, electronic warfare- and optronic systems.

Rugged military computer systems for zero-margin-of-error product development.

Drive program success with rugged electronics that can be customized to meet your requirements precisely.

Proven on land, at sea and in the air for the last 20 years, MilDef military tablets, laptops, servers and controllers are designed and built for the command post computing environment and our warfighters on the tactical edge.

From in-house testing and certification to integration with any existing system, we guarantee rugged electronics that are built to fit and built to last. Military engineers and designers trust MilDef to bring accuracy and completeness to the integrated product development process.

For the past 20 years, MilDef’s rugged electronic products have been deployed,