Global satellite real-time tracking, with intrusion alarms, from dispatch to delivery point. No matter how remote the journey

The Shadow is a cost-effective,
high-security solution that helps you
maintain a link with your cargo during
the entire freight process.
Operating via Iridium satellite, the system
gives you oversight of your containers,
while intrusion alarms including motion
detectors and door sensors minimize
the risk of cargo theft.

Consignment Management.
The Shadow satellite can track containers
even across remote and mountainous
locations. The solution can trace
up to six months of data history on
the TITAN Platform.

Enhances Security
Unauthorized access is detected
automatically and real-time information
is sent to the nearest responder.
Door sensors and movement detectors
reduce the risk of cargo theft and protect TITAN MOBILE
valuable goods. Should theft occur,
the Shadow device leverages GPS
location data to track the containers.

Easily Installed
The Shadow is a small,
self-contained and magnetic mounted
device that is easy to install and
reinstall on containers. No pre-configuration
is required, so you can remote
control the device anywhere in the
world. You can also easily turn it off
or on via a magnetic off/on switch.

The Shadow offers at least six months battery
life at two reports per day using NiMH
rechargeable batteries. The device setting
can be changed over the air from the Platform.
Shadow operates on a cost-effective
Iridium and GPRS/GSM satellite tariff,
further reducing your operational costs.
All data can be encrypted AES 256 using
unique keys on each device.

Shadow Solution
The Shadow device is integrated into the
TITAN Command and Control System,
therefore it is interoperable with all other
assets in the system. For example, a door
open alarm can be sent to a security guard
operating with an Android or iPhone Smartphone,
and the exact location of the threat
passed in real-time. The accelerometer ensures
real-time consignment management.

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