TITAN Tactical

TITAN TACTICAL is a mobile situational awareness, command and control software application. Using secure satellite communications TITAN Tactical can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world.

TITAN Tactical is designed by a team of ex-military specialists who were involved at the very highest levels of operational and frontline conflict. It is built to service the blue force tracking defence requirements of military and government where beyond line of sight communications is a capability gap for most militaries. This solution uses secure satellite technology that ensures connectivity at any time globally

The TITAN Platform benefits from the following ‘Total’ specifications:
Total Control – the client takes total control of the end to end system.
Total Security – secure web protocols, password encryption and satellite communication links using the highest commercial point-to-point encryption to ensure complete data security
Total Reliability – the technology is based on proven military applications and provides robust reliable capability.
Total Communication – supports a wide range of devices and communication networks.

Mobile – software quickly and easily loaded on a laptop or tablet device for vehicles or tactical HQ.
Location– GPS positional reports and asset details on map overlays.
Contact– multi-chat messaging graphical User Interface (GUI), supporting: two-way, one to one, one to custom group or one to all.
Supported – custom maps, all major file formats recognised.
Security – encryption management module and using AES256 encryption for communications. TITAN Tactical is a mobile situation awareness, command and control software application for Android or Windows. It uses secure satellite communications and can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world.

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