SCC Platform

The SCC platform provides military and government organisations with a secure web-based application for full Blue Force Tracking (BFT) capability, including situational awareness, operational command and control, emergency response and the ability

The SCC Platform has been designed by a team of ex-military specialists who were involved at the very highest levels of operational and frontline conflict in the MoD and NATO. It is built to service the blue force tracking defence requirements of military and government organisations worldwide. Providing Situational Command & Control (SCC) with near real-time asset visibility represents a significant advance in operational capability for military organisations. An up-to-date, coherent picture of the tactical area allows commanders to make faster and more informed decisions.

The SCC Platform benefits from the following ‘Total’ specifications: Total Control – the client takes control and does not need to refer to Track24 for any administrative changes. Total Security – secure web protocols, password encryption and satellite communication links using AES256 pointto- point encryption, ensure complete data security. Total Reliability – the Track24 SCC platform is written in a programming language that isolates errors and prevents system crashes, providing intelligent system availability and mission critical uptime. Total Communication – the SCC platform supports a wide range of devices and communication networks. Positional data, emergency status updates and secure two-way messaging can be communicated to the SCC platform using GSM/GPRS, satellite or radio communications.

Interoperability – all information can be duplicated and integrated into strategic Battle Management Systems, or Combat SAR, providing a complete Common Operational Picture (COP). The SCC Platform is also designed to be ‘ally ready’, resulting in a lightening quick rollout to friendly forces. Information Layers – annotate assets and locations to ensure all information is immediately identifiable in the event of an emergency situation. Messaging – integration of two-way text messaging allows immediate confirmation of incident nature and enables command and control of first responders. Emergency Identifier – advanced identification system allowing emergency information to be automatically sent to the most appropriate commander or organisation. This can be delivered by secure VPN into other systems or sent via SMS and e-mail to key personnel around the world. Geofencing – the SCC platform allows ‘hot zones’ to be quickly and easily electronically annotated on a digital map, resulting in an automatic alert being raised at HQ if any assets enter or leave the specified ‘geofence’. Ideal for convoy planning as it means instant notification is provided if vehicles stray off route, or do not reach the planned waypoint at a predetermined time. Asset Groups – one system can be used by several user groups autonomous to one another. This allows a single platoon for example, to conduct operations in isolation to other groups in the company – HQ keeps track of all assets on the COP and the platoons benefit from near real time command and control, wherever they are in the world.

MilDef’s main defence focus is to provide cost effective, reliable, secure and capable solutions to military organisations operating in potentially hostile environments, to fully fledged combat arenas.

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