MilDef DF8A (5″)

The MilDef DF8A is an End User Device (EUD) from MilDef, building on the solid foundations of the MilDef DF7A, and packing significantly more punch compared to its predecessor.

The new form factor remains almost identical making it especially suitable for the dismounted platoon/company commander and for specialists. Perfect for applications where you need high connectivity in a small and lightweight device while providing the familiarity of the Android operating system.

Get all the extra connectivity you need as you choose from the optional rugged connectors on the unit or alternatively by connecting the DF8A by only one cable to a Breakout Box which supplies the extra interfaces from a compact and rugged box designed to meet both MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810F. Please contact MilDef for more information about the Breakout Box.

MilDef DF8A is built for such military applications as:
· Dismount Situational Awareness

· Walk-on Fit (WoF) Mounted Situational Awareness

MilDef DF8A has since August 8, 2023 reached End-of-Life.
For official EOL announcement please download the announcement under documents.

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