Echo is a pioneering tracking solution. The latest handheld GPS system of its kind, the Echo provides tracking, emergency alert and text messaging capability for personnel and vehicles anywhere in the world.

Echo operates on the Iridium satellite network, which offers complete global coverage and the option of AES-256-bit encryption. Robust and versatile, the device can be hand-carried or deployed as a vehicle tracker using the optional vehicle kit. The reporting rate can be changed as required over the air, from 30 second intervals upwards. Waypoint marking and ‘check-in’ messages are also supported, all controlled through the device’s simple one touch buttons.

Impressive battery life allows for over 4 days of operation (at 15-minute position reporting based on 10 hours operations per day) on one charge.

When the Emergency button is pushed, audible and visual alerts appear on the TITAN Platform. Notification of the alarm is also automatically forwarded as a nearest responder alert or by SMS and e-mail to nominated recipients and TITAN Tactical first responders.

The Echo provides 2-way messaging using an added Android smart phone app. Device to the TITAN Platform, device to asset group and device to device is supported. Free text, predefined canned messages and asset groups are available.,


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