Our People

Behind every growing business are the people. Here are some of the people who work to ensure MilDef products are built to fit and built to last.
If you are interested in joining this team, you can find our open positions here.

“I came to MilDef because computers and the military are the two things I know best. Here I’m able to engage my creativity while also networking with people who share the core values I developed over my 12 years in the U.S. Army.”

Travis Arnold
Technical Sales Manager
Recently joined MilDef
MilDef US

“During my time at MilDef, I’ve had multiple opportunities to grow and take on new and exciting tasks. In my role as Director of Supply Chain Operations, I get to use a mix of soft and hard skills like coaching, leadership, goals, data and results.”

Linda Hermansson
Director of Supply Chain Operations
20 years at MilDef
MilDef Sweden

“What I like about working for MilDef are the type of industries we serve, and the high standards to which the company holds itself accountable.”

Nick Bennett
Electronic Technician
Recently joined MilDef
MilDef US

“Working at MilDef is both challenging and fun. There is a nice balance between creativity and structure. MilDef products, the great spirit and the positive colleagues makes this a great place to work.”

Andreas Hertzman
Mechanical Engineering Manager
9 years at MilDef
MilDef Sweden


“The people are the best thing about working at MilDef. It’s a family atmosphere. We meet up all over the world for face-to-face meetings. We look out for one another. It’s not a blame culture; if there’s an issue, we get together to work out the best way to fix it.”

Lauren Jones
Operations Manager
10 years at MilDef
MilDef UK


New employees are invited to our Headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden to meet the team and learn the business, culture, products and processes.


Company-sponsored opportunities to sit down with your fellow colleagues, have a cake, a coffee and talk about life in general.


An investment in the people of MilDef, Founder’s Day is an opportunity to bond, get out of the office and ensure all colleagues move forward together with a shared vision.


No matter the role or position, every single MilDef employee benefits from our company bonus system.


Giving back is a regular practice at MilDef, at both the personal and corporate level.


At MilDef we are convinced that Employee Wellness is of highest value. Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Onward & Upward

Over the past 20 years, MilDef products have been deployed in 60 countries, all 7 continents and every major combat zone. The future is bright: at MilDef, we’ve grown in tandem with the market we serve.

In January 2020 we moved to our new, tailor-made premises in Helsingborg, Sweden. This state of the art facility will be the home of our Group Headquarters, R&D, Production and Swedish Sales Office providing the expansion necessary to continue to meet our increased customer requirements.

“We continue to grow as a company. When I started working at MilDef 20 years ago, there were only four of us.
Today we’re around 190 employees globally. After all this time, I still like coming to work every day.”

– Linda Hermansson, Director of Supply Chain Operations