Meet the crew

Felicia Ahlstrand, MilDef

“The projects are challenging, evolving, and stimulating. One day I am out in the field measuring an area and its attachment points, the next day I am sitting in the office working on designing installations. For my ideal workplace, the quality of my colleague relations is hugely important. Without my colleagues at MilDef, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my projects nearly as much as I do today.”

Felicia Ahlstrand, Systems Engineer, Stockholm

Stefan Krogell, MilDef

“As the logistics coordinator, I make sure that the deliveries to our customers are made both smooth and effortlessly no matter unique requirements. Thanks to my 15 years of experience working in the Swedish Armed Forces; both in the amphibious corps and the army plus experience from three missions abroad I can continue to contribute to a better world, but now from a more industry relevant perspective.”

Stefan Krogell, Logistics Coordinator, Helsingborg

Christoffer Hodell, MilDef

“I really enjoy what I do, simply because I feel it has a purpose and a greater meaning. Being able to help build a stronger society with a strong defence is a real motivator for for me. I also get to work with the most advanced technology, great people and technically advanced solutions.”

Christoffer Hodell, Integration Specialist, Rosersberg

Anna Olin, MilDef

Being a technical writer at MilDef I use technically dense information and transforms it into writing that is easier to understand. MilDef is an expansive company. I enjoy being a part of a company that staffs so many both dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues and that serves to offer people a safer everyday life.”

Anna Olin, Technical Writer, Helsingborg

Erik Masdal, MilDef

The best feeling in the world is that of creating code that solves complex problems and where I can see that the result has improved the solution. Then I am “in the zone” and forget about time and space. I am also privileged to be working in our OneCIS team where everyone goes the extra mile to ensure that our software solutions are of high quality.”

Erik Masdal, Software Architect, Oslo

Travis Arnold, MilDef

“In my 22 years of service in the US Army and as a police officer I had to deal with many individuals and challenging situations. Those years really equipped me for my career shift into sales at MilDef. That, combined with the fact that I am bit of a technology geek makes me very excited to work with our advanced offerings.”

Travis Arnold, Technical Sales Manager, Brea, US