Corporate Responsibility

At MilDef, Corporate Responsibility is key to providing excellent service and high quality with an environmental focus throughout the business process.

We believe that by recognizing the important role of our employees and by establishing and promoting a positive health and safety culture within the Group, we thereby demonstrate to everyone the relationship between the identification and elimination of hazards, the control of risk and their personal safety and health.

MilDef Group AB is the steering organization for a multinational Group of businesses, focused in delivering complex electronic, computing and systems solutions to the defense sector globally.

MilDef Group of companies designs, manufactures, consults and provides sales and service of ruggedized computer equipment and specialized electronic products. We strive to do so with a high service, quality and environmental focus.

The MilDef Companies are based in Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The Group Companies are supported by additional manufacturing sites and trading partners, Worldwide.

MilDef Group AB is fully aware of internal and external issues which are relevant to the scope of its businesses and its strategic direction. The Organization considers the needs and requirements of its internal and external stakeholders, with respect to the Management System, implemented and operated throughout the Group Companies.

At MilDef we believe in healthy business relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues and other stakeholders. At all levels, people shall be treated with a service minded approach and utmost respect. To reinforce this approach, the MilDef Group of Companies has adopted a set of Core Values: 

Proactivity – Plan for the future; act today

Priority – Put 80% effort on the 20% that matters the most

Integrity – We say what we do, and we do what we say

Unity – Work together as one

Adding to the Core Values, MilDef has through a Code of Conduct adopted a set of principles inspired by the UN Global Compact. Please contact us for more information.